A key issue in Campbell with new housing and the increase in traffic traveling through Campbell (to and from other cities), is the need to better manage this traffic and to provide better transportation options between our heavily traveled centers.

Traffic Calming

One issue I hear frequently when talking to neighbors is that people use our residential streets to 'cut through' between main arteries circulating through our City.   This creates dangerous situations in neighborhoods with children playing and folks trying to get our of their driveway.

We need to begin the process of designing neighborhood streets that are used primarily by neighbors.    This can be done via various 'traffic calming' instruments the encourage people to slow down.   

As your council member, I would encourage the formation of a committee to look into new technology to slow traffic down on the neighborhood streets.    Some examples would include:

  • Speed bumps
  • Round abouts
  • Skinnier marked lanes in each direction.   
  • Bulb outs

Shuttle System

Many cities I have visited including Mountain View, Downtown San Jose and Palm Springs have shuttle/trolly systems that transport residents between heavily traveled areas such as the Pruneyard, East Campbell, Downtown Campbell including our museums and library and our community center including the heritage theater and the banquet hall.

This shuttle system can also serve to move people between heavily visited areas to offsite parking and from various neighborhoods to our shopping areas, heritage theater, etc.  

As a Council Member, I will make this a key priority.