Managing Growth

One of the greatest strengths of Campbell is its small town, community feel that includes our vibrant downtown, our thriving neighborhoods and our various community institutions such as our parks and our community center.  

However, in recent times, we have witnessed tremendous growth due, in large part, to the expansion of high tech in the greater Silicon Valley.     In Campbell, we responded to this high demand for housing by building several large apartment, townhouse and condominium complexes that are either starting to be occupied or are close to completion in the next several year.

While some growth is healthy, I believe we need to slow down this rapid growth until we are sure our community can support the services required and we understand the actual impact of this growth on our current residents.   This includes our city services, our traffic circulation and parking, schools, utilities, etc.

One idea that has been discussed is to levy an impact fee on development and I would be in favor of looking at the issue.   This will serve to provide needed money to counter the impact of development.    However, we need to be careful how far we go with this.    There are areas in Campbell where we have a great deal of development in the works such as the area east of downtown Campbell.    On the other hand, there are areas that need some more focus from the City for redevelopment such as parts of Bascom and Hamilton Avenues.   It is important, therefore, that we do not put a "one size fits all" solution to the entire City with respect to growth and redevelopment.    Instead, we should use the General Plan to decide overall growth in the next 10 years or so and the impact fee to mitigate the negative affects of growth.