Downtown Campbell Overview

In Campbell, we are lucky to have a strong, vibrant downtown with many restaurants, shops and events throughout the year.    However, there are issues that need to be addressed as the overall area grows and downtown becomes more crowded


Some ideas for adding more parking to downtown Campbell:

  • We typically have lots of parking spots in the first street lot next to the water tower (even at peak hours on the weekend).    A key issue is having signage showing people where the open spaces are around the downtown area at any time.    This is something I have been spearheadingand should be available shortly.
  • I like the idea of a trolley/tram system that travels continually between Pruneyard, East Campbell, Downtown and the Community Center.    Because peak parking times at the community center and Pruneyard tend to be different than downtown, we can stagger parking between the different areas.
  • We need to encourage people, such as people working downtown, to park further out from the downtown
  • Eventually we will get more parking as we redevelop our civic center, but that will take time.
  • We need to encourage folks who live further away to take light rail rather than their car when available.   I am not sure this will happen in the short term, but hopefully we be better long term

More Diversified Downtown

Our downtown, over time, has more and more restaurants and less non-restaurant retail.    And, as time goes on and more people buy things over the Internet, this task becomes harder and harder.

I think there is a place for the City to encourage areas of downtown to be dedicated to certain types of businesses.    For example, it would be nice to have an 'artist colony' area somewhere near downtown or in East Campbell.    That City would most likely need to subsidize this area, but it will, in the end, help to diversify the area and bring in different people that would no normally come to our downtown.